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The oldest and most reliable way to send and receive money around the world is the wire transfer. Western Union and other similar companies have been providing wire transfer services so that people can send and receive money from virtually anywhere. For example, you can walk into a Western Union in your city and send money to say, Australia. The money is in your hands when you give it to the Western Union and can be picked up by the receiver and they have it in their hands in a matter of minutes.

Another form of wire transfer includes the bank wire transfer where larger amounts of money can be sent at a lower cost. Many people avoid the bank transfer because there is less anonymity but it is still a viable option that some people are using.

The ability to send and receive money quickly and with very little hassle is a huge advantage to the wire transfer. Virtual anonymity is another huge plus to using a wire transfer.

Wire transfers are simple, fast and efficient. They can be a little bit costly but something to keep in mind is that many online casinos will pick up the fee on deposits. Millions of people around the world have taken advantage of using wire transfers throughout the years.

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