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Wire Transfers are among the oldest and safest ways to send money online. In a sense using an ATM card is a wire transfer although most people don’t think of it that way. Most of the time people think of Western Union as the main way to make a wire transfer. They have so many offices around the world that they have made sending money fast, easy and efficient. It is not, however, cost efficient. The fees associated with Western Union are higher than most all other transfer methods but there is some good news as online casinos will usually pick up the fees on deposits.

Another way to make a wire transfer is from bank to bank. This is where you are sending a bank wire. It is an option that few people consider though since personal information has to be given to the bank. Many gamblers prefer the Western Union since they don’t have to give out any personal information other than a name. The other drawback with a bank wire is that it is not always instant. It is also not always available to every country like Western Union is. While Western Union may have higher fees you can count on your money being there within the hour.

The question with wire transfer methods becomes the speed and the cost. If you can wait then sending a bank wire is not a bad choice since it is less expensive but if you need the money there immediately you want to choose Western Union.

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