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One of the oldest and most reliable ways to send money to online gaming sites is the simple wire transfer. Gamblers like things to be quick and easy and that is definitely the case with wire transfers. The most popular wire transfer service company is Western Union. They have been handling wire transfers for many years, even before the Internet existed.

There are two huge advantages to using a wire transfer service and one major disadvantage. Let’s look at the plusses and the minus.

Sending a wire transfer whether it is with Western Union or another company is very quick. In just minutes you can send or receive money. No other option is as fast. The other big advantage to using a wire transfer is the anonymity. No one has to know your personal information when you send a wire transfer to an online gaming site.

The one disadvantage to using a wire transfer is the cost. Western Union is not a cheap way to send money. It is fast and efficient but it can be costly.

There are other wire transfer methods but Western Union is the most popular. Bank transfers can be done as well but gamblers rarely like to let a bank do anything with their money if it can be avoided and that includes the wire transfer.

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