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Wire transfers are the oldest method of sending money to online gaming sites. The most popular and widely used wire transfer company is Western Union. When people think about sending a wire transfer they think of Western Union first and everyone else second.

There are some definite advantages and a big disadvantage to using a wire transfer for sending money. The two main advantages are anonymity and speed. If you want to make sure your information is protected and you want to send money fast then a wire transfer is the best option available, period. You can simply take cash down to a Western Union and send it to an online casino and none of your personal information is revealed. The transfer takes just minutes and the money is instantly available.

There is a big disadvantage to using a wire transfer though and it is the cost. Western Union and other wire transfer options are not cheap. The fees can be quite high in fact, which is why people do look for other options if they are sending and receiving money on a regular basis. Some online gaming sites will pick up the fees though on deposits so that is some good news when it comes to the cost.

The wire transfer will always be an option though since it is fast, efficient and safe.

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